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Suzi Gray
Dog and Cat

My Services

Dog Walking - Where will I walk your dog?

Depending on the length and type of walk you choose, I will walk your pet in either Hyde Park or Regents Park or for the more adventurous types, Hampstead Heath.

Who will be walking my dog?

Me! I work on my own and do not employ anyone to walk dogs for me, so you can be sure that I will be the only one taking care of your pet.

Your Pet

Please ensure that your dog has up to date protection against Kennel Cough and that he/she is free from fleas and adequately wormed.

I cannot undertake to walk dogs that are aggressive or badly behaved. Please let me know if your dog has any particular foibles!

Vet Visits

Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. I'm available to take your cat or dog (or both if you've managed to secure a double appointment!) to the vets for routine and non-routine appointments.

As a qualified veterinary nurse, I'm well placed to ask any pertinent questions during the consultations and will be able to convey, in full, any advice or treatment needs that the vet has provided.

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